Access keys

Access keys are essentially keyboard shortcuts on a website that give a keyboard or screen-reader user quick and easy access to all the main areas of the site.

access key 0 – Accessibility Help page
access key 1 – Home Page
access key 3 – Contact Us
access key A – 16-18 Courses
access key B – Apprenticeships
access key C – Adult Courses
access key D – Access & HE
access key E – Business Training
access key F – News

How do I use Access Keys

In most web browsers, hold down the “ Alt ” key (on PC) or “ Ctrl ” (on Mac), press the number of the Access key, release both keys then press “ Enter ”
Internet Explorer: Alt
Firefox 2 & 3: Alt + Shift
Opera: Shift + Esc

Changeable text size

The website uses an easy to read non-serif font type, size and colour in default size 12. You can also make the text on the website larger or smaller using your browser’s controls. See change text size page| for further instructions.
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Trafford College is a leading provider of education and training in Greater Manchester. With a £50m investment in world-class facilities, an innovative approach to learning and exceptional links with some of the borough’s most significant employers, students are given a platform from which they can achieve their full potential.